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Our Live Jazz Bands aim to bring you the pleasure and refinement of classic Jazz Music. Today you can hire a musical group of any size to perform at your upcoming event. Performing for 1 hour 30mins where you Listen to the top tracks of world's most influential Jazz singers performed by a highly talented band.

Modern, Contemporary, Classic Jazz Standards including Jazz legends.
All Jazz Styles Covered Including, Latin Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Female Jazz Singers, and Instrumental Jazz.
Book the best JAZZ Musicians available in Ireland.

Jazz Bands are an affordable and surefire way to impress a cultivated audience. If you are the organiser of a Business Party and want to thrill your partners, or if you simply want to enjoy good music in the company of your friends, you can't go wrong when booking your Jact Acts & Hiring musicians with us.

Captivate your guests for 1 hour 30minutes with the perfect Jazzy backing track for Private Parties, Drinks Receptions & Life Events.
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Grainne & Derek Whelan


The Jazz Piano Player we booked for my mum’s birthday was an absolute hit with all the guests. He played some modern songs in a swingy style which went down a treat with the younger guests. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Please pass on my thank you!

Maria & Sean


We just want to thank our jazzy duo who where absolutely fantastic. They created the perfect atmosphere for our guests. Thank you so much. They were brilliant and played all the songs we wanted to hear. They even got some of the older guests dancing which was so cute to see. A big thank you also to BOOKA for making it all so easy. We’ll be back in touch.

Bernard Markham


I’d just like to say a big thank you to the vocalist and the jazz guitarist who played at our Drinks Reception. Their sound was just right and not too loud. Thanks again!!

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Jazz Bands for hire in Ireland, Operated by AMA Music & Audionetworks bringing the delight of Jazz , Swing and Bebop to your cultivated guests.
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