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Last Minute Wedding Entertainment: Need quality entertainment in a hurry?

Under pressure to book an act for your wedding or party? Look no further!

Our BOOKA websites have a brilliant selection of musicians and acts all ready to go.

Ok, you have left it all to the last minute to book the entertainment and now the pressure is on to nail it all down before it's too late. Failure is not an option and besides, you would never live it down if your party turns out to be a "non event".
Or have you booked all your entertainment but there is still some budget left?
Don't worry, we've got you either way
With our online booking system you can have it all sorted in a few minutes, just pick the type of entertainment you want and fill in some location details. The service is safe and secure and totally reliable, just pay the deposit and your booking is secure.
Bookaentertainer offers a wide variety of entertainment options for any stage of your wedding or party. Whether is for a Ceremony, a Drinks Reception or even a Party Band we have loads of musicians, but this is not all we also work with Robot Hosts, Digital Fire Performers and much more (below)!
How does it work? watch a short video clip here. It's so simple to use you will have entertainment sorted and booked in no time.

Booka Entertainer options:

  • Booka Fire Performer: Allows you to book indoor safe digital fire jugglers with a Poi show fully customisable to your big day.
  • Booka Jazz Band: Will help you book the best Jazz and Swing musicians Ireland has to offer.
  • Booka Trad Band: Is compiled of Irish professional experienced trad musicians suitable for any wedding or event.
  • Booka Singing Waiter: Allows you to book the popular Singing Waiters for a fraction of the cost.
  • Booka Quartet: As the name entails it gives you the option of booking a 3 piece band.
  • Booka Duo: Lets you book a Duo for a smaller party or for the Ceremony/ Drinks Reception of your wedding.
  • Booka DJ: Takes the hassle out of booking your favorite DJ Act.
  • Booka Silent Disco: Is the best way to book the unforgettable Silent Headphone Disco.
  • Booka Strom Trooper: Has the best Trooper Hosts to welcome your guests and create memorable moments.
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Looking to book exciting wedding entertainment quickly online?

Looking to book exciting wedding entertainment quickly online?

These days people are so busy with daily life and work that things tend to get left on the long finger and end up being a source of stress. Do you need to get everything sorted in a hurry?
The BOOKA Network will allow you to source and book high quality entertainment quickly and securely. You choose the musical genre that suits you and your guests and we will do the rest. A fully nationwide service has all of Ireland covered and the musicians on our books are highly skilled and ready to go.
Choose from Jazz, Trad, Duos, Trios, DJs, Fire Jugglers, Silent Disco or even Dancing Robot Characters! We will locate the best performers available using our team of experts and the your guidelines to match the best entertainment for your wedding.

Booka Jazz Band

On Booka Jazz Band we offer a wide roster of professional Jazz and Soul Musicians that promise to entertain your guests on your big day - all this on a budget that won't break the bank!

Our bands are compiled of highly experienced musicians in the wedding industry in Ireland, they've played on all stages of a wedding day from Ceremony, Drinks Receptions to Main Entertainment after the meal. The options are endless and it is totally up to you to choose what you want from our performers.

No research, no hassle

Booka platform strives to create an easy option for your when it comes to booking your wedding band, our lovely team has done all the homework for you so just sit back and relax.

All our musicians are fully vetted and have a track record so you can get the best this industry has to offer at the lowest prices.

Safe Booking

Using Booka allows you to safely book your entertainment online making sure you just have to show up on the day and everything will be sorted in regards to wedding music.

Just choose the type of act, date and venue location, time slot and we will do the rest.

To secure the booking there is a deposit of 10%, afterwards there is the 90% remaining balance to be paid before the date of the event.

All these steps will be emailed to you once you book the act with us!

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Looking for a Budget Friendly Jazz & Swing Band?

For all the Jazz Lovers out there: do you feel like it is impossible to book a good Jazz Band at a good price? No worries, we have a solution for you.

Booka Jazz Band is the best platform to book musicians in a quick & easy fashion for a price that wont break the bank. The Booka website were thought by the lovely creative team at Audionetworks in order to simplify the booking process and offer unbeatable prices.

This entertainment solution comes in many forms, but lets get back on topic.How to book a Jazz Band within your budget maintaining the same quality and safety...If you want the answer keep on reading.

How to book:

Just follow the link above, choose the type of act you are looking for, the date, the venue's location, event type and get booking. Once you finish this process you will receive information to make the deposit payment of only 10%.

This when our team gets in action securing you the best musicians available for your date, just relax and wait for the big day!

Check the video below for a quick tutorial on how to use Booka to secure the best entertainment at the best prices.

What type of event can I book this for?

The limit is your imagination: weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, Christmas parties and so on. Our amazing musicians are up for anything and everything. We will make sure the music is unforgettable!

Is there a playlist I can choose from?

Once you confirm your booking we can of course send you a sample playlist of all the amazing song that are going to be played at your event. So if there's any songs to avoid you can let us know before hand!

What is included?

Our musicians and bands have all the equipment necessary, on the day of the event the will arrive a bit earlier to make sure they setup the PA system in time.

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Help! I’m looking for a jazz band this Christmas, where do I start?


Are you looking for a Jazz act to perform at your Christmas Party? Feeling a bit lost?

Don't worry, we've got you! Adding a jazz band to an event can bring a real touch of class.

Question is....Where do I start ? How do I find the right act?

The team behind Audionetworks and AMA Music came up with a simple to use, quick and low cost idea:  The brand new booking system called Booka Jazz Band


How it works?

The concept is quite simple: you set your budget, the size of act & trust our expertise to get you the best performers at the best price.

The goal is to make it easy to organize entertainment using our team 25 years of knowledge in the Music Industry.

Why Should I use Booka?

The easy to use booking system allows you to simply book a jazz act with a few clicks. To secure the act you only have to pay 10% Deposit.

Once we get the details of your selected time and venue our team personally handpicks the most suitable Jazz act that fits your budget.

No headache need for loads of phone calls or emails, just a simple click and pick.

Jazz music is perfect for any Christmas party, as it provides a more intimate and sophisticated mood setting the bar high from Drinks Receptions on. Jazz or Swing Big Bands are also great as main entertainment as they can also offer an uptempo setlist to keep your guests on the dancefloor - without breaking the bank.

Our Acts come in all forms and sizes: Duo, Trio, Solo Acts and quartets - all from the biggest selection of the best Jazz musicians Ireland has to offer. Ready to play at Weddings, Drinks Reception, Christmas Parties or Private Events.

Let take the stress out of booking your next band and see how simple this great new idea delivers on quality and best of all Budget!

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It’s Time for Jazz: Sparkling Jazz Bands for Hire in Ireland

jazz bands for hireMany people regard Jazz as the music of cultured, refined individuals. Whether it stands as one of your favourite music genres or not, there is no question that Jazz stimulates the mind.

From the Blues to Ragtime and from the century-old New Orleans Jazz to more recent subsets like Swing and Bebop, there is said to be a style of jazz to suit anyone's tastes. Jazz's rhythmic, often improvised patterns have been shown to boost creativity and relieve stress... but then again, we can probably say this about any other genre of music and we wouldn't be wrong.

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Do You Love Live JAZZ Music?

6465719623_9004982ab0_zThen why not BOOKA-JazzBand for your next event?

Click and book with the best Low Cost , direct prices for carefully selected and handpicked Jazz musicians available in ireland.

“What’s the difference between a rock guitarist and a Jazz guitarist? The rock guitarist plays 3 chords for 1,000 people, the Jazz guitarists plays 1,000 chords for 3 people.”

This is no longer the case as event planners know the value of a good Jazz band, and can rest assured that their clients and guests will be looked after with a sultry and jazzy soundscape. There are many different kinds of jazz but to most punters it boils down to instrumental or vocals so it’s up to you. Continue reading Do You Love Live JAZZ Music?

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Book a Jazz Band Today Online

2016-11-14_155257BOOKA-JazzBand is delighted to be able to offer you the best direct prices in a few simple steps and clicks extremely talented and experienced Jazz Singers for hire in Ireland.

If it’s the WOW-Factor you are looking to bring to your next event, then booking one of our trained Jazz Singers or Jazz Duos , trio’s or Quartets will certainly provide you with a night to remember!

BOOKA-JazzBand offer you a selection of perfectly hand picked best available musicians in Dublin and Ireland and you are of course, able to choose from a range of Jazz styles, alongside a number of musicians to cater for all functions. Continue reading Book a Jazz Band Today Online